What is Sustainable Living?

What is Sustainable Living?

Nowadays, sustainable living is a popular topic. We hear a lot about sustainable living, but what does this really mean, and how can we live sustainably? There are many definitions but at its most basic, sustainable living means living a lifestyle that uses as few resources as possible without harming our environment or compromising the availability of essential resources for future generations. There are many different forms of sustainable living, since the concept can apply to almost every part of daily life. To live sustainably we must use less of the earth’s natural resources, replenish what we can and produce less polluting waste.

5 Sustainable Living Tips To Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Compare this list against your curent practices and pick up some opportunities to do your part to help the Earth.

Take shorter showers. Start timing your showers and Try reducing your shower time by five minutes. Just cutting two minutes from your shower time can save ten tons of water.

Upgrade your lights. Changing light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones can save four times the amount of energy than a regular bulb. Energy-efficient compact florescent bulbs (CFLs) can also last up to ten times longer than traditional ones. The light from these bulbs will give off light as bright as your old bulbs or brighter and save you money. Turn off your lights when you leave a room.

Turn off your electronics when not in use. A computer left on for 24 hours can use a lot of electricity – up to 1000 kilowatts. And, even when your TV or computer is off, it is still using power. Either unplug all your electronic devices or use a power strip and flip of the switch when you’re done.

Bring your own shopping bags: Don’t use plastic bags at checkout. If you only buy a few products skip the shopping bag. For larger purchases, bring your own bags. Keep your bags in a place you will see them and remember to take them with you.

Buy Only What You Need: Buy only as much as you know you'll use. Avoid excessive packaging and recycle everything that you can.

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