Laundry Detergent Free + Clear

Our specially formulated laundry detergent fights tough dirt + stains. Perfect for the whole family!

  made with plant-derived cleaning agents

  tough on dirt + stains, gentle on skin

  made without fragrances, dyes & optical brighteners

  never tested on animals

  designed for HE & standard machines

  suitable for all your family's laundry


directions for use : Always follow garment care label instructions. For tough stains: Pour detergent directly onto stained fabric, rub gently and wash as usual. For HE machines: Pour 1 oz detergent (roughly 1/4 capful) into the dispenser for medium loads. For standard machines: Add 2 oz detergent (roughly 1/2 capful) directly into machine for medium loads. Test an inside seam for colorfastness.

• Size : 53 oz
• Counrty of Origin : USA
• Quality : Safer Choice, Vegan

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