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We are certified by ICEA. The ICEA trademark has obtained the international accreditation issued by IOAS (International Organic Accreditation Service), and it is equivalent to the most important European brands of organic cosmetics and detergents. It guarantees detergent products obtained by favouring the use of biological ingredients, substances of natural origin characterized by a low environmental impact and skin compatibility. The ICEA specification was created by taking ECOLABEL criteria as a reference, adopting in several cases more restrictive parameters and specifications, in particular regarding theenvironmental impact. In addition to the environmental impact of the raw materials used, the specification proposes requirements and limitations on packaging. The control system also provides for a verification of the performance and product effectiveness, capable of attesting its efficacy with respect to similar products, even if not certified, that have a market leader position.

Eco&EcoBio Detergent products guarantee:

  • Formulations consisting of at least 95% ingredients of natural origin.

  • In the case of Eco Bio Detergence products, surfactants, active ingredients and plant extracts from organic farming and certified for a minimum of 20% (excluding powdered products).

  • Mandatory tests on the products in order to verify its washing efficacy.

  • Mandatory dermatological test for products coming into contact with the epidermis.

  • True labels and claim supported by reliable scientific tests or bibliography.

  • An independent control and certification system with international accreditations, which makes the rules, lists of certified companies and products (including ingredients) public and answers the questions posed by consumers.

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