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Our Story

Pure, clean and effective – this is what we are all about. We are very passionate about nature. Since childhood, we have always loved to be in nature. We liked to climb trees, watch animals and play with them, dig the soil and enjoy well to be in the nature. After being a chemical engineer and worked in the cosmetic & cleaning industry, we became more aware about the toxic risk posed by the cosmetic & cleaning products that are used each day, and believed in ourselves that nature and individuals deserve to be treated better and we want to be part of it. We have decided to create products that would be eco-friendly and safer alternatives to use for every home. And Ecolunes was born.

All our cleaning products are safe, and every individual that work on in producing our cleaning products is well-passionate and committed in doing the best to obtain the most ideal outcomes. Every Ecolunes cleaning product that we have here has been created and designed with plant-derived ingredients that are biodegradable, made without toxins and synthetic fragrances. As all our cleaning products are made with plant-derived cleaning agents and contain naturally derived fragrances, every individual can ensure that the products they will get from us will work effectively and at the same time, respecting both well-being & health of people and planet, because healthy world always starts at home.

We really strive and take good care as we want to ensure that the products we offer are free from any unnecessary ingredients which may pose risks in the health of people, marine life, pets and planet. That’s why our products are packaged using recyclable materials and solar energy, with formula that biodegrade and break-down to the environment fast. We always want to do great things for everyone around us and in the environment as well. By believing in ourselves that we can only do that when deciding to make products that could help individuals, planet, pets and the future generation to enjoy living in a safer & greener place.

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